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Our History:

Grace United Methodist Church (Lee’s Summit) was a church start in 1990
of the Missouri West Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.

1999- We launched a new church (Hope) in Lone Jack, Missouri

2000-2004- We helped launch St. Margaret’s Catholic Church

2010- We helped launch Renaissance United Methodist Church

2015- We launched our first multi-site church in El Dorado Springs, Missouri

2018- We launched our second multi-site location in Oak Grove, Missouri

What Is A Multi-Site Church?

A multisite church is one church that meets at multiple locations. Today’s approach ranges from transmitting a sermon by satellite
to multiple locations, to creating a number of worship opportunities within the same congregation at multiple times and sites.

What are the Different Versions of a Multi-Site?

Broadcast Campus- The Sunday morning message is recorded and broadcast weekly from this location.
Most of the educational and teaching material are also produced and sent to the multiple locations.

Satellite Campus- A campus organized under the same name as the broadcast campus in a different location.

Satellite Campus Video Venue Р A campus that receives teaching and leadership from the broadcast campus.

Do All Campuses Have a Pastor?

Yes, currently all our multi-site campuses have assigned at least one pastor that is licensed through the United Methodist Church.

What Are the Benefits of Multi-Site?

1- It allows a vital and healthy congregation to reproduce itself it multiple communities.

2- The focus shifts from maintaining a building and doing things the way they’ve always been done to outreach and evangelism.

3- The gifts of multiple pastors and staff can be shared across all sites.

4- Much of the bureaucracy of running a church is centralized which allows for more of the church to be deployed into ministry.

5- Most multi-site campuses will grow by 30% in worship attendance in their first five years.

6- Sharing of resources and leadership throughout a larger network drives down overheard costs.

7- Technology allows for less time doing and more time inviting.

8- Multi-Site Campuses experience a renewal of the Holy Spirit when they refocus their efforts on the lost.

9- Worship, giving and serving are made much easier through a streamlined process of connecting us to God and neighbor.

10- The Kingdom of God grows when we proclaim the name of Jesus with one loud voice!

How Do We Become a Multi-Site Church of Grace?

Step 1- Purchase our Pastor’s book and read it. He describes in detail the way, the truth and the life of following Jesus every day.

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Step 2- Contact Grace at our Lee’s Summit Campus. (816) 246-5764

Apply to Become a Campus (Click Here)

Apply to Become A Campus Pastor (Click Here)

Step 3- Meet with Pastor Jeremy and Pastor Rocky to discuss becoming a multi-site of Grace.

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