Time & Talent


We are in need of people who have a heart for drama. If you have ever been part of a play or theater production, we need your gifts. Please contact the church.


Feel like jammin’ on Sunday mornings? The Praise Band is always looking for musicians…bass, guitar, singers, whatever! The choir will be taking a well deserved after June 13. Contact Sharon Owen for more info. Call 816-246-5764.


Sign up for Dinner For Six this quarter. It is a great way to meet new people and you don’t have to get fancy, snacks are fine! Call or email Susan Ahrens for more information at (816) 347-8950 or sricoahrens@kc.rr.com.


Don’t forget to pick up an item or two on grocery day…check the mission corner for the needs from Lee’s Summit Social Services.


New Sermon Series

Miracles: Do You Believe?
(Lee’s Summit Campus)

April 23- Mysterious Presence

April 30- Great Awakenings

May 7- A Prayer Said

May 14 – Pay It Forward

May 21 – Impossible Cures

May 28 – The Breathe of Life

Miracles: Do You Believe?
(El Dorado Springs Campus)

 April 23- The Breathe of Life

April 30- Mysterious Presence

May 7- Great Awakenings

May 14 – A Prayer Said

May 21 – Pay It Forward

May 28 – Impossible Cures