Our link to live worship at 9:15 am



Livestreaming Worship at 9:15 am

Where do I go to watch the Livestream?


Or, you can go to your App Store and download the app, follow us and watch through the App. This provides the most consistent and best viewing quality. In addition, with an Apple products (IPad, IPod touch, IPhone) you might be able to Livestream direclty to your television if you have the right connections and technology.

Why can’t I watch the Livestream on the website?

We are unwilling to pay the subscriber fee to Livestream to embed live video to our website or elsewhere at this time. We might in the future, but as for now, we are only archiving services to the website.

What if I miss, can I watch the service later?

Yes, all previous services are archived on the Livestream page and we are in the process of archiving all of them to the website as well.


Should I create and account on Livestream?

This is completely up to you, however it does help us know who is following and watching the services.

How do you know how many people are watching?

Livestream has a live viewer counter and we have google analytics installed on the backside of our Livestream site.