A Story of Grace by Jeremy Vickers

SunflowersGracebookPastor Jeremy Vickers shares congregational insights in his new book.  Jeremy Vickers, 38, has been lead pastor at Grace United Methodist Church in Lee’s Summit for eight years. In his new book, A Story of Grace, he shares a clear and concise vision how all churches should be a “light in the darkness.” From humble beginnings as a new church start, through a time in the wilderness and now a healthy, vital and growing congregation again, Grace continues to be a relevant witness in their community.

Jeremy drew on his many experiences in rural, county seat and suburban churches to develop a missional and contextually relevant congregational witness .Grace has always been a faithful and strong church. All they needed was a clear path to walk, the author recently said.  The book is written to anyone who is new to Grace and has a desire to know more about how the church functions and what they believe.  A unique feature in this book is the Enhanced video additions of the author sharing his personal views before each chapter. It is truly a first for the Christian community, as Enhanced ebooks are not available yet on all Ebook platforms. After seeing this book, many churches are surely to follow in a similar fashion for their guests and visitors by creating and developing their own Enhanced ebooks. It is a new and advanced way of sharing the timeless message and story of Jesus Christ and His followers.

Jeremy Vickers is an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church. He lives in Lee’s Summit, Missouri with his wife, son and their golden retriever.

ibookEnhanced Ebook
Available exclusively on the iPad 2 and newer on Apple’s IBooks.



new sermon series

Concessions of a Hypocrite

We should practice what we preach. We don’t always follow through, so we end up in a gray area of life known as hypocrisy. Hypocrites are people who say one thing and do another. The only way to become a hypocrite is to concede defeat to the sin that lives in us. When we make small concessions day after day, it becomes a path that leads to sin and hypocrisy. Let us all stand up for what is good, holy and just. Let us all truly follow Jesus and let go of the things that hold us back.

March 5- Ash Wednesday- Ready and Willing to Change
March 9- But Everyone Else Is…
March 16- NC-17 – The Image of God
March 23- Fibs and Excuses
March 30- My Neighbor, My Enemy
April 6- I Covet, Therefore I Am
April 13- Palm Sunday- Parades and Facades
April 17- Maundy Thursday- Betrayal
April 18- Good Friday-Crucified Love
April 20- Easter- Grace Rising


Daily Statement of Faith

  • It’s Not About Me,
  • It’s About God.
  • It’s Not About Us,
  • It’s About Them.
  • It’s Not About Here,
  • It’s About There.
  • It’s Not About My Needs,
  • It’s About Their Needs,
  • It’s Not about Now,
  • It’s about Eternity.

Vision and Purpose

Grace UMC is a light in the darkness for the non-churched, once-churched and badly churched. We offer culturally relevant worship services to engage the heart, soul and mind. If you feel that God has given up on you, or you have given up on God, just give us 1 hour of your life on Sunday morning. We will help you reconnect and get back on the right path.Grace UMC makes disciples through connecting people to God and neighbor.