New Sermon Series

The Parables of Jesus:

Jesus often spoke in parables.  Parables are stories with multiple meanings.  He would often explain them later to the disciples.  Stories convey numerous meanings to different audiences.  Over four weeks, we are going to experience four of his most famous parables.  Open your hearts and minds to see what you might hear from the “Parables of Jesus”.

June 5 -The Wheat and the Weeds

June 12- The Good Samaritan

June 19-The Parable of the Sower

June 26- The Prodigal Son

Daily Statement of Faith

  • It’s Not About Me,
  • It’s About God.
  • It’s Not About Us,
  • It’s About Them.
  • It’s Not About Here,
  • It’s About There.
  • It’s Not About My Needs,
  • It’s About Their Needs,
  • It’s Not about Now,
  • It’s about Eternity.

Vision and Purpose

Grace UMC is a light in the darkness for the non-churched, once-churched and badly churched. We offer culturally relevant worship services to engage the heart, soul and mind. If you feel that God has given up on you, or you have given up on God, just give us 1 hour of your life on Sunday morning. We will help you reconnect and get back on the right path.Grace UMC makes disciples through connecting people to God and neighbor.